[rescue] cassette?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Apr 28 15:51:16 CDT 2006

Scott Newell wrote:
> At 12:12 PM 4/28/2006 , Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>>> That's what I did two weeks ago.  Hard to find good quality mp3s though.
>>> Most peole make really crappy encodings.
>> I'd bet that a 128k generic mp3 is better quality than an old analog tape.
>> Some of the decks allow you to adjust the head alignment without a screw
>> driver, but not many. It's probably missing the high end... or low end.
> He's got Dragons; I'm pretty sure they servo the head for you.

Yes.  6 track heads (one channel is split in each direction and
used to derive tracking signal to drive the azimuth adjust
servo motor).  Originally nominally flat to 20Hz - 22K.  Though
you need really high quality tapes to get that performance.  I
used chrome tapes (not chrome *biased* tapes) and could easily
"beat my ears".  Nowadays, a sheet of vinyl running at 78RPM
with a 6d *nail* could beat my ears!  :>

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