[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Fri Apr 28 13:31:25 CDT 2006

>   Scofflaw! Don't muddy Bill Bradford's name with that kind of talk on
> this list! </secret_envy>

I imagine there are people who do that, but I would rather solve 
the problem first.  Half the time it's a failed sensor rather than
an actual problem.  Of course in NJ, instead of actually measuring
pollution, they ask the computer if the antipollution system is 
working correctly thereby creating the potential for "cheating".
Just last week during rainy weather, water splashed on the cat
converter cooling it off and it snapped the check engine light on.
It takes a certain amount of cycles before it would (if it could)
clear the code and shut the light off.  If I had inspection before


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