[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Apr 28 12:14:33 CDT 2006

Peter Corlett wrote:
> <wa2egp at att.net> wrote:
>> [...] my personal favorite, a heated butter dish inside a refrigerator so
>> the butter is not too hard to spread.
> What cretin thought of that one?
> Just leave the butter out on the countertop if the weather's cool. If it's

Heh heh heh... "cool" and S Az just don't go hand in hand!  :>
And, with the swamp cooler on, the butter would be sitting in
a pool of water (VERY high RH).

> hot, store it in the fridge and nuke it for 5-10 seconds as and when
> required.

This is what we do currently.  You end up with sticks of butter
that look like canoes -- hollowed out in the middle but firm
on both ends.  :>

> Talking about wasting energy in fridges, I'm rather astounded that my new
> fridge-freezer[0] claims it consumes 2,000 units per year (or about 160

What are "units"?  Here, electric power is measured in KW-Hrs
(e.g., 1W for 1000Hrs, 1000W for 1Hr, etc.)

> quid's worth). My 24/7 fileserver box uses "only" 1,100 and it's hotter and
> noisier than that thing.
> [0] Well, the landlord's, and since he's not the one paying the electricity
>     bill, he bought the one with the lowest price rather than the lowest
>     TCO.

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