[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

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Fri Apr 28 10:17:28 CDT 2006

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From: abuse at cabal.org.uk (Peter Corlett)
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> > [...] my personal favorite, a heated butter dish inside a refrigerator so
> > the butter is not too hard to spread.
> What cretin thought of that one?

Some sales droid I guess.  Of course the butter will turn
rancid faster, so it could have been somebody in the dairy

Here's another one (sort of).  A few years ago the power 
companies put on a campaign for everyone to put lights
on the outside of thier houses so neighbor can see
if burgerlers are breaking in.  Now everyone is complaining
that there isn't enough electricity and breakins have 
increased.   I have a neighbor who's backyard is more lit
up at night than the day.  His lawn is very confused. :)


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