[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Apr 28 05:00:12 CDT 2006

<wa2egp at att.net> wrote:
> [...] my personal favorite, a heated butter dish inside a refrigerator so
> the butter is not too hard to spread.

What cretin thought of that one?

Just leave the butter out on the countertop if the weather's cool. If it's
hot, store it in the fridge and nuke it for 5-10 seconds as and when

Talking about wasting energy in fridges, I'm rather astounded that my new
fridge-freezer[0] claims it consumes 2,000 units per year (or about 160
quid's worth). My 24/7 fileserver box uses "only" 1,100 and it's hotter and
noisier than that thing.

[0] Well, the landlord's, and since he's not the one paying the electricity
    bill, he bought the one with the lowest price rather than the lowest

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