[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Thu Apr 27 23:27:23 CDT 2006

> You're still stuck with the issue of measuring in *one* spot in
> the tank.  Unless you can shape the tank and position the sensor
> so that it nominally measures the true depth of fuel regardless
> of orientation (e.g., climbing/descending steadily for a full hour
> in addition to short term perturbations), you'll still have
> inaccuracies.
> Detroit's solution would probably be to have the gage indicate
> empty when you still had a usable gallon left therein -- so you
> couldn't complain that you ran out of gas while the tank
> still indicated "not empty".
> <shrug>
> For your own personal car, I think most folks "learn" how far
> they can push their luck.  The zinger comes when you rent a car
> or borrow a friend's vehicle and are never sure of where you
> stand...

Can't be worse then measuring to the nearest quarter tank. A tenth
of a gallon would be fine for me.  Maybe four sensors; front, back
left, right, and average the readings would probably take care or
most accelerations.  Some anti-sloshing baffles might also help.
Unfortunately, it all depends on what the manufactorers feel they
can make the most profit from.


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