[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Thu Apr 27 23:12:01 CDT 2006

> I drive an older car so I'm unsure as to what newer ECM's do
> to signal errors.  In my car, I ground the TEST input on the ACLC
> connector and the check engine produces a "blink code" that
> correlates with any error codes stored by the ECM.  Just count
> the flashes...
> Of course, you need a shop manual (or equivalent) to know what
> the error codes mean (but those are relatively inexpensive)

The device I got was an OBD II so it can read 1994 and after
vehicles.  For about $100 it includes built in codes and can 
test the emission system too.  Only thing is it can't read
codes on-the-fly; only scans when you press the scan button.


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