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On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 03:12:51PM -0400, Mike F wrote:
> I wonder if something like this is even feasible; the big problem to
> overcome in a weight-based system is g-force. 

It's really a case of it works, don't fix it. People are happy with what
they have, the guages work to the standard of accuracy people expect
(no kidding, they standard is based upon them) and everyone knows how
to fix them.

Let's play a game. We design a fuel guage system that uses ultrasonics to
map the inside of the tank. It's a bunch of sensor consisting of a microphone
and a loudspeaker (to use easily understood terms) run by a sequencer and
a microprocessor. 

If you scan the tank using five sensors in ten seconds, you could use a
real expensive processor like a Z8 which costs about $2 with the ram,
rom and analog to digital converter.

If you went with high performance, like a scan every second or less, you
would have to go to an ARM processor, which would cost about $25 for the
processor and the needed extra chips. 

So now we have a 100% accurate guage of how empty the tank is, and assuming
no major deformities that occur after manufacturing and calibration,
the amount of fuel in the tank.

For legal purposes, I have not investigated the patent history of such
a device, but if it can be patented hereby I claim patent rights.

Going on, look at the ramifications of the change. 

1. It costs more because it is new.

2. It requires certification of some sort or insurance companies won't
   insure the car.

3. It requires training and documentation.

4. If a unit costs $10, it will add $100 to the cost of a car.

5. If a car with such a unit has a gas tank fire, it will become necessary
   to defend the device in the court of public opinion as the press will
   create a story that it caused the fire and run with it
   (c.f. how Ralph Nader got started.)

6. If a housewife runs out of gas, and decides to walk to the gas station
   and gets raped, murdered, or even mud spattered, a hot shot lawyer
   will sue.

I'm sure there are other issues, but I have to be a daddy (my real job).

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