[rescue] Sun Ultra AXmp chassis and 1GB RAM - $50

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Thu Apr 27 11:04:58 CDT 2006

Supports 4 processors at 400MHz (possibly 450), 2x5.25" drives,  
2xHH3.25" SCA drives (hot swappable), 2GB of RAM (4GB with larger  
DIMMS?), 6xPCI slots of varying speeds (including a UPA slot).
It has an LCD screen that displays "ERR", even though the machine  
boots and is stable.
Badged as an Integrix RS/450.
Includes 1GB of RAM.

Shipping will be about $50 to the US, but I'll get you an exact  
quote. I have the packing material already (I saved it from when I  
bought it), and there is no handling fee - shipping is the cost to me.

$50, plus shipping, or best offer. Gotta pay for some new tires :(

  - Micah

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