[rescue] Sun array rescue

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Apr 26 12:39:30 CDT 2006

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 April 2006 12:45, Steve Sandau wrote:
>>I just received a Sun array. It's one I am familiar with since there
>>was one at the office we support a few years ago.
>>This would look like a SS1000 if it had sides and a top. It holds 30
>>drives and has a fiber interface with an sbus card for the host.
>>Anyone know what model I should be hunting up docs for? I thought it
>>was an A1000, but it's not.
> It's an SSA100 (or SSA1xx) aka Sun Storage Array.
> Slow things, using Sun's 250(?)Mbps "fiberchannel" implementation.
> You should be able to use 9GB or maybe even 18GB 1" SCA drives in it 
> (due to heating/power draw, you may not be able to populate all of the 
> slots if you do).

Yes, as Will figured out too, it is an SSA. (Thanks, Will. That allowed 
me to Google the right thing...) I don't know the model; this only has 
2G drives in it.

What I would like out of this is to do some performace comparisons using 
DiskSuite in Sol9. I'm going to set up various stripes, mirrors, RAIDs, 
etc. on the SSA to see if I missed something when I set up the D1000 I 
have in production.

The D1000 is attached to a 280R, and I am convinced that it is not 
living up to its potential. It runs Oracle databases and seems to be IO 

It'll also be interesting to see how the bonnie++ test results on the 
SSA compare with some tests I did a while back on Linux RAIDs and a few 
other things.

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