[rescue] Sun array rescue

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Apr 26 11:45:14 CDT 2006

I just received a Sun array. It's one I am familiar with since there was 
one at the office we support a few years ago.

This would look like a SS1000 if it had sides and a top. It holds 30 
drives and has a fiber interface with an sbus card for the host. Anyone 
know what model I should be hunting up docs for? I thought it was an 
A1000, but it's not.

I have 2G drives in it now, and understand that it'll take 4 or maybe 9G 
drives if I can fine them.

Puts up quite a 'whine' when all the drives spin up. I think I'll not be 
taking this home; it'll stay at work.


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