[rescue] Cable specs on Jaton Geforce2 MX-400 64MB PCI Video Card

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Apr 26 11:15:25 CDT 2006

Hi, I rescued a video card with an odd connector on it for the TV out.

At one time I owned the card and had the TV cable for it, but it was traded
to someone, who has since lost the cable.

The card had the model video118pci64ltv on it. I looked it up and found that
it was supposedly manufactured by Jaton and is a "Geforce2 MX-400 64MB 
PCI Video Card".

So far so good. 

I found a "quick start guide" and user's guide on their web site. Both show
the card with a 4 pin S-Video and RC composite jack on them. My card has
an odd connector, it's small and round, but instead of 4 or 8 pins, it has
10 in three rows, looking at the socket, from the top there are 3, 5 with 
the second pin from the left missing (so it's 4) and three.

There are slight indentations on the outer ring on each side of the top.

               -------   The top is flat
sort of      _( o o o )_ 
            { o   o o o )
	     (  o o o )
              ________    The bottom is round.

I tried to register for technical support, but they want the serial number
to register and I don't want to take the computer apart.

If you can help identify it, I would be gratefull.


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