[rescue] Save this memory from the pitch.

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sun Apr 23 10:51:04 CDT 2006

Ok, I have more stuff that needs a new home. All will go to the trash  
tomorrow afternoon if not claimed.

2 x 32MB OEM DEC 72 pin parity SIMMS tin lead

4 x 32MB generic non-parity tin lead SIMMs (matched set)

1 x 16MB (I think) memory module for RDI Powerlite laptop

11 x Sun 501-1697 4MB 30 pin parity SIMMs

1 x Intel EtherExpress Pro PCI 10/100 network card (with i960 CPU)

I also have a bag full of old Intergraph memory that is some sort of  
proprietary item. The same bag also has other memory in it as all of  
this was destined for the trash.

Just pay the shipping and any or all of it is yours. Payment via  
PayPal please as it makes shipping much easier for me. Sorry only  
shipping to US address only.

Mike N

Also, the other stuff that was posted a week and a half or so ago is  
still in limbo as I am awaiting the transportation details from the  
original claimants. I'll alert the others of you (Ian etc) when I  
have a better idea of what is left.

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