[rescue] Anyone have a CycleQuad?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 22 00:21:39 CDT 2006

<waves hand>
I do. Dunno if I want to get rid of it though... I spent a lot of money on that good, Ultra 80 256Meg DIMMs ;^)
</waves hand>


>From: Micah R Ledbetter <vlack-lists at vlack.com>
>Date: Thu Apr 20 16:20:34 CDT 2006
>To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Subject: [rescue] Anyone have a CycleQuad?

>I have an Ultra 2 system in a rackmount chassis (just like the one I  
>shipped off to John Herron two days ago), that I'm considering moving  
>to a regular chassis. But, while I'm doing that, I figured I'd at  
>least look at the prices for the CycleQuad, that quad-capable PCI- 
>based machine that took Ultra 2 processors and RAM (but not SBUS  
>cards, obviously). If, hypothetically speaking, you were going to  
>give yours up, how much would you (hypothetically) ask for it?
>  - Micah
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