[rescue] messaging server 5.2 starting error on solaris10 zone.

giant sala.tech at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 01:30:27 CDT 2006

i installed the messaging server 5.2 on my solaris10(sparc) zone .
but when i start the server,get the follow error:

-bash-3.00# ./start-msg 
/var/sun/ims52: Starting STORE daemon .... done: 14296
/var/sun/ims52: Starting POP3 daemon .... done: 14309
/var/sun/ims52: Starting IMAP4 daemon .... done: 14323
/var/sun/ims52: Starting HTTP daemon .... done: 14338
ld.so.1: /var/sun/ims52/bin/msg/imta/bin/imtacli: fatal: libimta.so: open
failed: No such file or directory
Starting ENS daemon

i have never met the error on solaris8/9, how can i correct it?

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