[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Apr 18 15:10:56 CDT 2006

 Sridhar Ayengar writes ...

> I had to replace a couple of electrolytics in my father's 1973 Sansui 
> console receiver a couple months ago.  I would be satisfied 
> if the caps in PC's lasted that long.

My Fisher stereo stuff still has in it the same capacitors and final drive
tubes it had when I bought it, used, in 1970.  I did replace the pre-amp
tubes with low-noise "milspec" items in the early seventies, but, other than
that and a repair to the tuner's case, it's all original.

The oldest working computer around here is a 1983 Compaq Portable II, which
still has its original power supply.  Early CPQ power supplies were not
known for robustness, but this one has lasted well.

When I was rehabilitating old computers for a charitable organization in
California, we had a couple of machines go "BANG" when we powered 'em up.
It lent extra excitement to the process of rebuilding the machines.


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