[rescue] 802.11b to serial?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Apr 18 14:56:11 CDT 2006

At 02:11 PM 4/18/2006 , Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
>I once did something similar to control a rack full of Opto-22 
>sensor/output modules. I used an ethernet-connected RS-485 controller 
>(NEMA 4X-rated -- if I'm remembering correctly, it was made by Black 
>Box), and a NEMA 4X-rated ethernet -> 802.11b bridge box.  The module 
>holders were daisy chained off each other with RS-485.

I just spoke to Black Box, and they apparently don't have anything that's
even close to NEMA 4X.

Oh well, I'll just stick some Digis in a box.  Not as pretty, but we can
make it work.

newell  N5TNL

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