[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Wesley Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Apr 18 11:01:26 CDT 2006

> long time".  But, I've also had problems with electrolytics
> "drying out" in hifi gear (I've a Yamaha CA-810 that I need to

I have a Heathkit "Apache" ham transmitter, complete with the outboard
VFO box (and the cable for it, IIRC), and even somewhere the original
builders manual, that just needs new caps.  I think the ones in it are
from the fifties, when it was new....

There's probably little else wrong with it that cleaning the dust out
wouldn't fix, maybe new tubes if these have gone gassy.

By the way, plenty hams on here, any offers?  I WILL NOT ship this
behemoth, you'd have to pick it up or arrange for a professional
shipper to do the dirty deed, in southern Illinois.  It would need
wooden crating and freight charges would be huge.  This sucker weighs


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