[rescue] Pack-&-ship help in FL? [Re: Free for Pick up: Sun, SGI, DEC]

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Apr 17 23:23:13 CDT 2006

Back on Friday, Edwin Guillot wrote to the list of a bunch of stuff
available for pickup in Seffner FL (zip 33584).  However, there's
approximately zero chance I'll be in Florida in the foreseeable future,
so, is there anyone who'd be willing to pick up, pack, and ship to
Montreal, certain of those things, if they don't get claimed by anyone
with a real use for them?  (I have no immediate use for any of them,
but some of them I'd be willing to pay shipping, materials, and a bit
over for time and trouble to save them from the scrapper, which it
appears is their fate if they're not claimed.)

I've set a Reply-To: on this, but I note the list provides its own
Reply-To:, so I don't know whether it'll get through.  I recommend
replying to both mouse at rodents.montreal.qc.ca and mouse at netbsd.org, to
provide the best chance of actually getting through.

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