[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sun Apr 16 18:35:28 CDT 2006

Don Y wrote:
> In most LCD monitors, the inverter board is separate and
> can be replaced (it's more of a commodity than the LCD itself!)

Yup.  This particular inverter is a TDK part, an EA02509T.  So far I
haven't found a source for it, and don't know if an exact-replacement
part exists.

> I assume the power supply (external) just provides
> regulated supplies to the "monitor"?  I.e. there's
> some sort of oddball connector (not an AC power inlet)
> on the monitor that has DC voltages on it.

Correct.  It's a brand new power supply, by the way.

>  Can you
> verify that you have +12VDC somewhere on that connector?
> (i.e. that the 12V in the power supply hasn't gone
> into current limit because of a failure on the 12V *load*)
> If you *can't*, you might try unplugging the inverter
> (with power off  :> ) and try again to verify the
> inverter isn't loading down the supply.  This *should*
> be safe to do as most power supplies regulate off the
> +5 load (which is still intact even with the inverter
> removed)

Hmm, haven't tried that .....  it's worth a try.

> Can you see 12V on the inverter itself?  If nothing
> else in the panel is using +12V, then there *have* to be
> some (bulk) decoupling capacitors there someplace.
> Make sure they haven't gone south on you...

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