[rescue] Free for Pick up: Sun, SGI, DEC

Edwin Guillot eguillot at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Apr 14 20:12:44 CDT 2006

Hello group,

I've had this stuff for a while, but it's gotta go!
Items are in Seffner, FL 33584 zip code
General description below, email for details (and there's more stuff  
that I'll post later)

Sun Sparc 20 (2x SM81, 192MB RAM, 8MB SX framebuffer, 9GB HD), w/ KB  
& mouse
Sun GDM-20E20 monitor
Copies of Solaris 2.5.1 and 8 for Sparc

SGI Indigo2 R10K, 384MB RAM, Solid Impact, HD sled (HD broke), 3com  
EISA 10/100, w/ KB
NCD 21" monitor (Hitachi OEM, have adapter+cables to hook it up to  
SGI, Sun, or DEC)

DEC Alphastation 4/233 (320MB RAM, 4GB HD, 8x CDROM, 8MB Permedia 2,  
3Com 10/100)
DEC VT520 terminal
Copy of VMS/Alpha 7.x (forget what version)

various external SCSI cases
Various ps/2 keyboards/mice
Assorted external/internal SCSI, serial, video cables
Various SCSI hard disks (biggest are barracuda 9GB 1.6" UW)

I'm looking to get rid of this stuff in the next 2 weeks, If I don't  
receive any responses it's off to the local recycling place.  I can  
hold certain items for longer than that if you ask, but items will  
have to be picked up in a reasonable time frame.


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