[rescue] Sun 540-5014 (AKA X7288A) versus Teac DV-28E

Gary Goddard gaz.god at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 09:11:53 CDT 2006

I just upgraded the cdrom in my Fire V100 with generic laptop dvd rom 
and its working perfectly, booting solaris 9 and 10 dvd's.
The drive is a panasonic DVD/CDRW, so it looks like as long as the 
connecter is the smae it should work.

stephen price wrote:

>It "should" boot just fine - no special firmware.  The
>bracket should fit.  What may happen (usually does not
>- but can) is that the rear interface connector may
>not fit - take one off of the existing drive and make
>sure that it mates correctly and still fits in the
>mounting bracket.
>That being said - my concern would be the maintenance
>vendor/provider (if any) - will they cover (or even
>care) about the part difference. 
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