[rescue] [with subject this time darn it] Spring cleaning: cheap stuff, free stuff, it's all got to go

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Wed Apr 12 13:10:36 CDT 2006

This is stuff that needs to be somewhere else, _quickly_.

I'm willing to sell it, barter it, give it away, whatever.  If I owe you
(stuff, favors, karma) then please just remind me -- I have a terrible
memory for this sort of thing, which probably gives off the impression
that I'm an ungrateful bastard.  I *am* in fact a bastard, but I'm not
ungrateful, so please feel free to jog my memory and remind me that I
owe you if that's the case, and I'll try to make good on it.

So yeah, sure, I'd like to make a little coin on some of this (and I
really don't want to *lose* too much money shipping it out) but I'm
more concerned with putting it in the hands of people that can use it --
and in some small way repaying sunhelp-rescue for parts, advice,
amusement, and camaraderie.

Onward.  Here's the hastily-compiled, innacurate and largely useless list:


2 RDI Powerlite laptops, 1 power supply.

One of them powers up and boots SunOS 4; the other
seems to be dead, so either it's pilot error or it's
destined to be a spare parts supply.  The dead one
is missing the flip door on the back.


Apple 170 laptop (no battery)
Apple 140 laptop
power supplies for both.  Neither seems to power up,
once again this is either pilot error or they're
spare parts bins.


HP C2976P external SCSI enclosure with a probably-dead
4G drive in it.  This is roughly the same size as a Sun 411.

HP 2943A external SCSI enclosure with a CDROM drive in
it, condition unknown.  This thing apparently takes an
external power supply and I don't have one for it.


30 ft heavy-duty cable -- wide SCSI, it appears.


SGI Challenge S - config unknown
SGI Indy R5000 - config unknown

Looks to me like both have memory and CPUs, but only one
has a disk and I haven't tried to power up either.

Best Data SmartOne 336 FLX modem

Oh stop laughing, it gets worse.

Toshiba PCX1100 Cable Modem

Farallon Netopia PN 635


Cisco 772 ISDN Router (4 ethernet ports) with power brick

Belkin Apple Printer cable: 6 ft, 8-pin mini-DIN male-male, F2X024-06 sealed

2 8mm drives in big (and kind nice) external SCSI enclosures.
These look like IBM models; they're probably Exabyte 8200's or
something similar.  I don't know if they work.  Probably not worth
it for the drives, just the enclosures.


USR Sportster External modem, model #839, 33.6 faxmodem -- still sealed!


Cables.  Oh geez have I got lots and lots of cables.

	3x DB50 (SCSI-1) terminators
	1x micro-SCSI to micro-SCSI, 6 ft
	2x micro-SCSI to micro-SCSI, 4 ft
	1x CN50 (Centronics-style) terminator
	1x wacky CN50 to two CN50 cable
	5x CN50 to CN50, 6 ft
	1x CN50 to CN50, 3 ft
	3x CN50 to CN50, 2 ft
	2x DB50 to DB50, 1 ft
	2x CN50 to micro-SCSI, 6 ft
	1x DB50 to micro-SCSI, 6 ft
	4x DB50 to DB50, 3 ft
	1x DB50 to DB50, 6 ft	
	1x DB50 to CN50, 6 ft
	1x DB50 to CN50, 3 ft
	2x CN50 male/female extender

	3x 15-pin male to 3xBNC (e.g. RGB) connectors, 2 ft
	1x 15-pin female to 3xBNC (e.g. RGB) connectors, 2 ft
	1x "narrow" CN50 to what looks like a DB25, 20 ft
	1x "narrow" CN50 to what looks like a DB25, 6 ft
	2x HP 40242-60026, "serial modem cable"?, 10 ft
	1x HP micro-SCSI to micro-SCSI, 8120-5546, 3 ft
	1x Adaptec micro-SCSI to CN50, 491962-00A, 2 ft
	1x DB15? male-female, 10 ft

	4x Sun Sparc-1/2/IPC/IPX-era audio dongle, 530-1594-01
	2x CN50 to DB25?, 4ft
	4x CN50 to DB25?, 2ft
	1x CN50 to DB25?, 3ft
	2x DB-9? (9-pin female) to DB-25 (25-pin male), 4 ft
	1x DB-9? (9-pin male) to DB-15 (15-pin male), 4 ft
	2x DB-15? (15-pin male) to DB-15? (15-pin male), 3ft
	11x old PC (VGA) video, 3-6 ft
	1x DB-15 (15-pin male) to DB15 (15-pin female), 8 ft
	1x DB-9 (old PC video) to same, 10 ft
	1x DB-9 (old PC video) to same, 10 ft + Belkin female-female adapter

	HDI-SCSI to CN50, 2 ft (I think this is what old Mac laptops use)


Power supplies from an old Dell server -- three supplies plus a logic
board apparently designed to keep power working if 1/3 are dead.  Heavy.
Awkward.  Probably not worth shipping.

Box of old SCSI disks: were working with one exception, see below:

	3x Seagate ST1480N (Sun 424)
	1x Conner CP3540
	1x Quantum ProDrive ES P008-0073414
	1x Quantum Maverick ProDrive M454S01N
	1x Seagate Hawk ST31200N
	1x Conner CP30540
	1x Maxtor 7213SR
	1x Seagate Medalist ST51080N -- seems flakey


RCA DCM205 cablemodem w/power supply


Data Switch: HDD15 + DB9 + DIN5, 4-way, rotary switch


A cluster of stuff for people running thinnet -- a few cables,
some connectors, a couple of transceivers (I think one is
thinnet-AUI, not sure about the other)

Apple LaserWriter NT Owner's Guide
Digital Unix Installation Guide (from the mid-90's)


Solaris 8 for Sparc box set - sealed


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