[rescue] Sun Type 4 keyboard problem, help needed

C Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Tue Apr 11 21:37:00 CDT 2006

Hey All,

I've got a Sun type 4 keyboard that I disassembled, cleaned and put back
together.  It doesn't work.  I've cleaned plenty of computer parts
before, so I doubt my washing/cleaning methods are at fault.  Do any
common mistakes exist for re-assembly of these keyboards?  I suppose it
could have been bad beforehand...... I've bought it as surplus, and have
no history with it.  Furthermore, the IPX I'm working with recognized it
with only the small board connected, but with the small board unplugged
from the board with the key contacts.

What do these keyboards use for a cable?  I picked up what I think it
the right cable from the same surplus shop I bought the keyboard.


Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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