[rescue] 200MHz Ultra2 CPUs

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Apr 10 13:14:05 CDT 2006

> Is there a list that shows which CPUs work with which mainboards? I  
> was wondering if U2 CPUs worked in a U60 case. I've heard that  
> sometimes CPUs which aren't "supposed" to work in some cases end up  
> working anyway.

I think I remember seeing several; similarities between U2 and U60 
machines (memory at least) but I don't remember exactly what.

>>Anyone interested in them for COS?
>>If not, anyone have a U2 chassis without CPUs that they will part with
>>for COS?
> Well, I've got a rackmount chassis that I've tried to get rid of a  
> couple of times. It's 3U, though it's pretty heavy since it's all  
> metal. Would you like it? $15 (plus shipping) would get rid of it,  
> and it would come with some RAM (I don't remember how much) if you  
> want it.

Thanks for the offer, but I already shipped the CPUs out to Patrick G. 
this morning... (I am sure my wife is happy that the CPUs were gone 
before you tempted me to aquire another piece of gear!)


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