[rescue] To the curb warning.

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Sun Apr 9 11:57:36 CDT 2006

There is much that is going to be leaving here real soon. This is a  
short list.

All must be picked up here. I am not even going to consider shipping  
any of it.


J210 dual CPU workstation
9000/380 33 (or is it 40 MHZ) M68K powered machine. Like new.

Misc keyboards and rodentia

Ultra 1's
Tatung Ultra 1 clone

Various machines most are good for cases
2 like new ATX cases.

More to come as I get madder at all the crap around here.

Mac Clone: PowerComputer Power(something) with a 224MHz 603E CPU

No hard disks included. Most won't have memory either.

Located in Laurel MD. All this stuff is working it's way to the curb  
for 'big trash' day. (Wednesday) If you claim it I'll hold it  
briefly. Otherwise it's gone.

Mike N

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