[rescue] Sun NFSv4 question (of NIS, NIS+ et al)

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Sun Apr 9 00:13:31 CDT 2006

My plan is to set up a huge ZFS installation on a single fileserver with
dual GigE ports, then export a bunch of filesystems to various client
machines, preferably using NFSv4, which is supposed to be wonderful.  

All will be running Solaris 10 or later (depending on when Update 2
comes out).  And yes, there will be a number of zones in the mix as

Apparently, the official Sun way, is to use NIS or NIS+ in order to keep
all the UIDs and GIDs in sync with each other.  At least, this is what
all the Sun docs keep pointing me to.

What I don't want to do, is export with anon=0 or some other such
hackery.  The remote filesystem, should look just like a local
filesystem as much as possible.

Does anyone have any real-world experience to share about this?  Since I
will be handing off a zone to some other admin in some cases, it needs
to be relatively simple.  If I need to, I can force them to allow only
me to create new users, and then I could do some script hacking to
possibly enforce unique UIDs--but would prefer to avoid this.

Comments questions etc. all most welcome.


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