[rescue] FS (historical?) PPro 180 or 200, with VRM

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Sat Apr 8 15:53:24 CDT 2006

Devin L. Ganger wrote:
> When I went through Veritas Volume Manager training, I remember a
> discussion about optimal sizing for RAID5 arrays. I sadly don't recall
> the specifics, but apparently there was a sweet spot for the # of
> drives; beyond that point, performance fell off pretty steeply. The
> instructor was saying that this was a general characteristic of every
> hardware RAID setup he'd looked at.

For specific chipsets, maybe.  I cant't think of any
algorythmic reason.  I have recently used a 12 drive
raid5 on a hightpoint controller and the performance
was roughly equal to 12x what a single drive did.

I think highpoint controllers use the main cpu for
raid calculations so it might have benefited from
the dual 3.4GHz xeons.

- Kevin

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