[rescue] Odd SBUS cards - anyone want?

Steve ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Apr 5 12:50:12 CDT 2006

>>I'm not sure what to make of the SMP in this situation.  Symetric
>>glutiusMaximus Processing?
> Upon moving into the apartment that i currently live in, it was noted 
> that, having two bathrooms, it supports SMP.  That is:  Symmetrical 
> Mult-Pooping.  This feature has been cited and appreciated many times since.

This reminds me of an exchange here a few years back (I think) that 
started with Dave McGuire threatening to email someone a dusty old fart. 
He produced a command line like "cat /dev/ass | uuencode | sendmail" or 
something. That was followed by several observations on the device 
"/dev/ass" and whether it was mountable or not. I think George ended it 
with a description of the restrictive permissions on his /dev/ass and 
the fact that it was never mountable by anyone.

One of the more memorable exchanges on this list...


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