[rescue] Odd SBUS cards - anyone want?

Wesley Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Apr 4 11:24:33 CDT 2006

> The slowest Suns in use at work are SPARCstation 20 systems that

We've got one ss20 on board, that until the management change was
doing yeoman duty as a "BigBrother" network monitoring system, and
everybody was happy-happy to have it.  The new "management" has
decided that having a free box do all that work is un-American or
something, and after doing her best to take away my birthday (and
failing) she forced me to shut the beast down.  It was running dual
81's, had 256 megs on board, a single NIC and some sort of video, I
never bothered to check what sort.  Those monitors are too honkin'
huge and even more so in my cramped digs, I just shelled into the
beast as needed from where-ever and what-ever I was using at the moment.

The BigBrother setup monitored all of the managed switches in the
20-odd dorms (one per each two floors in the three high-rises, one per
each of the three wings (3 floors each) in the "Triads," and one per
each two buildings in "Thompson Point" housing on the east side of
this campus.  It also checked the health of every web server, every
file server, all of the mail and DNS servers, both dial-up modem bank
handlers, the associated Radius servers, the Usenet box, our WebCT
server, the entire Library infrastructure, and a lot of other odds and
ends.  I even had it checking my off-campus servers at my house, on
the premise that this would give us a look at off-campus connectivity
and we could isolate faults in the pipeline more efficiently.  That
little box saved us -so- much work, we miss it a lot. One glance and
we could spot any outages, even from across the room from the web
browser we left running.

We also miss having a manager in the outfit with a single clue about
what we're supposed to be doing here.....

Quite frankly, I wish the box had been an Ultra ANYTHING, it was
seriously loaded doing all of that stuff, but the load was more a
network bandwidth bottleneck than CPU or memory problems.


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