[rescue] Odd SBUS cards - anyone want?

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Tue Apr 4 11:07:05 CDT 2006

On Tue, 4 Apr 2006, Joshua Boyd wrote:

>> An Ultra 2 is neither the slowest Sun I use at home, nor the slowest
>> Sun I have in production a work (a very busy semiconductor design
>> firm).
> So what is the slowest Sun you use at home and the slowest in
> production at work?  SS5s?

The slowest Sun I use at home on a regular basis is an Ultra 1E, which is
very-much overkill for its task of being a PPPoE gateway.  However, the
latest version of OpenBSD when I deployed that box had a bug with PPPoE
on 32-bit SPARC that caused the kernel to panic, which was very
frustrating.  Given that I had an Ultra 1E that was in my way, I put it
to use, and it's happily done its job ever since.  If I can prove to
myself that it's consuming more than $15 of electricity per month, I'll
replace it with a Soekris box.

The slowest Suns in use at work are SPARCstation 20 systems that
interface with some Synopsys hardware about which I know almost nothing.
The sbus interface cards' drivers are supported only (as far as I know)
on SunOS 5.6.  I suppose that means we -could- migrate to Ultra 2
systems, but certainly not to anything much newer.  So long as we keep
an adequate number of spares around, my attitude is to not mess with
things that work unless I have the time to study them thoroughly

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