[rescue] Odd SBUS cards - anyone want?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Apr 3 21:48:21 CDT 2006

>> And I am writing this on an Ultra2, my main desktop machine. With a
>>  couple of 300MHx U2 CPUs, I think I can run Sol10.
> I know that you can; I have an Ultra 2 with two 300 MHz CPUs, and it
> runs 10 just fine.  It also has 640 MB of RAM and a 24-bit Creator
> framebuffer, which makes the desktop experience a bit nicer.  If only
> I had desk space and a non-flawed Sun monitor to go along with it. 

Thanks. That is good to know. (I do have the deskspace, a 24-bit Creator 
card, and a Cornerstone 20/70 monitor).

The only way I will really get familiar with Sol10 is to make it my 
desktop. Worked for Sol8, 9 and somewhat for HP-UX.


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