[rescue] Need help using cgsix in IPX

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Apr 3 12:53:25 CDT 2006

" From: C Fernandez <fernande at internet1.net>
" Any way..... I have this Sony GDM-1602 sitting here.  It's max refresh 
" rate seems to much less than what the cgsix in the IPX wants to work 
" with.  I tried specifying resolution and refresh rate in Openboot, but 
" it still doesn't work.  Assuming I can use this monitor with the IPX, I 
" don't know enough to figure it out.  If I flip the monitor off and on a 
" few times, I can see the it's getting a signal, but the characters are 
" sort of skewed across the screen about 3 times.  Any help would be 
" appreciated!

the gdm-1602 is probably expecting 1152x900 at 66, unless it's the even
more limited 1024x768 at 77, where the gx is probably trying to run at
1152x900 at 76.  as jochen said, it's a fixed-freq tube.

david tong's fb faq at sunhelp should give you some ideas.
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