[rescue] HP and Compaq memory. SOme fits U5/10

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Fri Sep 30 12:09:53 CDT 2005

Ok folks, I'm bored and wading through some of my junk. So here be an 
offering of stuffs I'd like to see go. Specifically some memory.


64 MB 72 pin buffered that fits boxes like the B, C, J, R and D 
machines. As well as some K series servers. I have 6 pieces available. 
$6 each or $25 for the 6 shipped.


Here is a bunch of 32 MB DIMMS, EDO buffered. These will usually work 
in an Ultra 5 or 10 but were intended for the Compaq boxes with Pentium 
Pro CPUs like the Proliant 800, 850, 5000 etc.

I have a total of 13 with various Compaq part numbers. Breakdown as 

221099-002 6 of unknown maker (I think they are Hyundai) 3 made by 
228468-001 3 by Micron
247288-002 1 by Samsung

Would like $5 each, buy the lot for $45 shipped

64 MB 72 pin parity for Proliant 4500 boxen. p/n 188006-001 $20 for the 
lot shipped.

More to come later if I get busy unearthing more stuffs.

Mike N

I was on a roll but I slipped on the butter.

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