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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Sep 30 11:07:49 CDT 2005

>> [ls] insisted on doing a case-folding alphabetic sort ignoring,
>> possibly among other things, leading dots.  [...]
> That's your locale settings.

I know that...now.  (Yours is not the first message I've seen saying
that.)  But the manpage doesn't mention this lovely little surprise, so
I had no idea that messing with the environment would fix it.

>> Also a big annoyance is that bash doesn't let me do history recalls
>> with ^P when my suspc is set to ^P, but that's a Linux problem only
>> to the extent that Linux means bash
> Hmmm... I'm not sure I don't agree with bash's behavior here.  After
> all, you are redefining what ^P is used for.

Not as far as bash is concerned; whenever I type a ^P to bash, I want
it to be previous-history.  ^P as `suspend' I want only when I type it
to something else.

> It seems bash would have to become context sensitive about when a key
> sequence is used to get around this.

No, because bash doesn't see the key when a command is running, any
more than it has to be context-sensitive about ^B in order to avoid a
conflict between backward-char and whatever some application may take
^B to mean.

> Of course, bash is not exactly the most well written shell out there.
> Every benchmark it against others before?

tcsh has no problem (I just tried it).

> Oh, and what is suspc?  I don't see that in the stty settings on my
> Linux box.  Just susp and dsusp.

suspc comes from t_suspc, the name for that field in struct ltchars.
(I started out on BSD back when they still used the BSD tty driver.)
It's c_cc[VSUSP] in termios.

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