[rescue] Any reasonable source for IRIX?

Monty Walls mwalls at castor.oktax.state.ok.us
Fri Sep 30 09:53:56 CDT 2005

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 07:46:07 -0700
Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

>  Monty Walls wrote ...
> > Looking at purchasing a base O2, need a reasonable source for IRIX, so
> > any suggestions?
> While having a "factory" set of latest-version disks is very convenient, you
> can start from any version and, once you get it going, install updates from
> the SGI website.  You can buy older versions off eBay pretty cheaply.  Be
> sure you get a bootable base set of disks, not just an overlay set.
> If you do an original installation of a version previous to 6.5.6 (IIRC),
> you need to patch it with the "overlays" patch in order to apply the updaye,
> but you can do all that with a web browser direct from the SGI site.

Sigh, things haven't changed.  I was hopeing SGI had followed SUN's footsteps on
hobbyist installs.

> You can burn your own if you can find ISOs, of course.  _Making_ an SGI ISO
> is pretty arcane, though.
> And, speaking of arcane, you get to fool with `inst`, which is the worst
> imaginable introduction to a new computer.  I just spent a couple of days
> getting IRIX on a recalcitrant Indy, and familiarity with `inst` definitely
> breeds contempt.  `swmgr`, on the other hand, is quite OK.  Too bad you have
> to install IRIX with `inst` before you can use it.

I also started with a SGI Indy with Irix 5.3.  Just about the nastiest installer
I've every used.  


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