[rescue] FS: Sun Ultra Server 1 143 MHz

Bryan Gurney arb_npx42 at comcast.net
Sun Sep 25 19:56:27 CDT 2005

For sale, $20, or $15 with shipping if shipping is necessary (these prices  
are negotiable; it's all in value to me):

Sun Ultra Server 1
- 143 MHz CPU with replaced CPU fan (because you'd probably ask about this)
- 160 MB RAM
- TurboXGX framebuffer added on
- 9 GB Seagate Cheetah 10K (kinda old, and slightly more noisy than  
normal, but if it dies, you get a spud!)
- Original CD-ROM drive with problematic tray (it works, but the tray  
sometimes kicks back out after retracting; I do have a Plextor 40X, but  
that alone is worth twice what the Ultra 1 is worth IMO)
- Onboard ethernet; I forget whether it's 10/100 or just 10, but I'll  
throw in one of the following:
+ Sbus 10/100 + FastWide SE SCSI adapter
+ Sbus Quad Fast Ethernet adapter

I can deliver the unit to anywhere in the greater Boston area within the  
495 belt; otherwise, it's getting shipped somehow, and that somehow is  

This machine works, but I haven't had that much time to tinker around with  
it.  It's also the least endowed of my four Suns; my SS5 has 256 MB of  
RAM, and I have a dual-300 MHz Ultra 2 Creator 3D with 640 MB of RAM, and  
a 440 MHz Ultra 5 with 1 GB of RAM, both of which run Solaris 10 rather  
well.  This U1 can't even accept 10, but it could run Linux or OpenBSD  
like a champ.


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