[rescue] Fastest CPU for a U2?

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 24 10:45:00 CDT 2005

Shirker wrote:

>How do chaps and chapettes,
>I've just got an Ultra Enterprise 2. I've never owned any Suns with
>removable/upgradeable CPUs before, so I'm trying to find out what are the
>fastest CPUs I can get for this box. What I've found on the Web so far
>suggests 400MHz UltraSPARC II (X1193A). Is this correct?
There are 3 different revision motherboards for the ultra 2, only the 
3rd rev supports the 400mhz cpu's, the other 2 will take upto the 300mhz 
if I remember right, best thing to do is check out which part number 
yours has & look it up on the sun site.


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