[rescue] keyboard lubrication

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Sep 23 08:37:27 CDT 2005

>tempted to find a PTFE based dry film lubricant as this sounds
>like it might be the best solution....

BE CAREFUL with these sorts of lubes, they use all sorts of oddball things
as a carrier for the PTFE grains.  Check the solvent on a spare or junk
one, it might eat the plastic.  It could cause the keys, posts, or guides
to actually melt and deform, or it might just dry out the volatiles from
the plastics and make the parts really brittle.  Don't go just on the
instant spray-look-seems fine to me sort of thing, let it sit for a few
days after applying it.

If you can't find a dry powder form of Teflon, I'd stick with the silicone
grease.  It works and (unless you get some truly weird off-brand product
that I can't even imagine) silicone won't hurt the keyboard parts at all.

You might check with a lock and key shop and see if they have some
NON-GRAPHITE dry PTFE lube.  Usually comes in a little puff-tube package,
one tube ought to do an entire keyboard.

wes will

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