[rescue] keyboard lubrication

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Sep 22 22:17:15 CDT 2005

Well,  I was given a nice Logitech keyboard that cofee
was spilled in.

I fully disassembled and cleaned the mylar 'pcbs' and
spacer sheet... cleaned the 'tactile'/spring sheet,
the shells, etc...

For the keys (still assembled on an internal plastic 'guide')
I decided to try the dishwasher... 

It worked nice... but it also washed away the lubricant... so
now unless you were to press a key down perfectly straight, it

I thought Silicone spray might work... but a net search to see
if someone has come up with a solution... yielded Super Lube
Dry Film Spray from K-Mart Automotive ... it is a PTFE (Teflon)
based lubricant...

Wondering if anyone has ever faced this issue before...  I'm
tempted to find a PTFE based dry film lubricant as this sounds
like it might be the best solution....

Anyone here ever lubed their keyboard ? :-)  Looking for
input...  (especially since I have some Sun-2 and Sun-3
keyboards I'd like to clean and bring back to great shape
and I'll probably need to lube them too).

-- Curt

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