[rescue] Bad UPS II: The Sad Mac

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Wed Sep 21 18:01:24 CDT 2005

> For the second time this year, UPS has severely abused a computer being
> shipped to me.  This one wasn't as badly smashed as whitestar, but was
> abused sufficiently to jar all four installed expansion cards completely
> out of their slots, as well as damaging the case.
> I think this is the point at which I recommend that we all stop using
> UPS to ship breakable computer equipment.  Try FedEx Ground or DHL
> instead -- they seem to take better care of the hardware.

I have been shipping and buying computer gear for nearly 6 years and UPS is
the absolute worst. I cannot recount the long tally of damage they have
inflicted on my stuff and -never- paid a dime of reimbursement. I cringe
every time a vendor I buy anything from forwards a USP tracking number.

Like others I have had great experience with FedEx Ground. I used to even
have daily pickup by them for almost two years. Good rates, decent service.
And the one time they did booger something the claims process was not like
getting root canal.

So, what can Brown do to your parcel today?

Mike N

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