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Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Sep 21 15:28:52 CDT 2005

>> "No child left behind" == "No child gets ahead"
>I've heard from a teacher that it's also called "no behind left".

Agreed.  My wife also agrees, vehemently.

As for the special needs child, my hats off to you, it is quite a long and
difficult road.  As for the "No millionaire left behind" malarkey, if it
helped force your school administration to do what they were supposed to be
doing all along, then that is the first and only good thing that has
occurred as a result of that entire travesty of bad politics.

School boards, staff, faculty, and administration around here in podunk
nowhere southern Illinois have ALWAYS been accomodating of special needs
children, in as many ways as is at all possible.  The recent failed
initiative from Washington's idiots have only gotten in the way of our
doing that which we have previously been doing by default.  The school is
spending more than ever before on documenting compliance with the insane
requirements imposed by this legislation which leaves less for actually
implementing planned improvements and doing things to assist the special
needs children in the unit district.

It has done immensely more harm than good, and we won't even go into the
teachers who have been caught inflating grades and averages on standardized
tests by doing the tests themselves rather than allowing the children to do
them.  Just to get around the foolishness of these new laws....

wes will

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