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Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Sep 21 15:04:35 CDT 2005

>Unfortunately, many secondary learning institutions are now turning out 
>graduates who can't formulate coherent thoughts or sentences.

You should try working / teaching at one.  Oy veh, the imbeciles that show
up here, drooling quietly on their shoes, with no concept of the use of
language, a complete inability to write a grammatical sentence (heaven
forfend they string more than one together and make paragraphs), and
abysmal (that reads "non-existent") math skills.  It's rare to find one
with more than three or four brain cells still functioning.

You certainly don't teach for money, at any level.  The pay is mediocre at
best here.  The only reason I keep going back into the classroom is the
rare and becoming vanishingly-rare occasion when one of these
low-functionals stops dribbling down their chin long enough for an idea to
penetrate the concrete and lead shielding around their brains, and a small,
weak, flickering and guttering candle flame appears over their head and you
see a small ray of light penetrate the Stygian darkness in which they live.
 It is most gratifying to see.

That keeps me trying, though the frequency of this little bit of positive
reinforcement is getting more and more rare as the years go by....

wes will

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