[rescue] Before Feebay

Peter abuse at cabal.org.uk
Wed Sep 21 07:11:02 CDT 2005

Mike Nicewonger <twmaster at twmaster.com> wrote:
> Also have a decent Tangerine iBook available. 300 MHz, 3GB, 288MB,
> CD, 10/100 Ethernet, modem. AC adapter. Battery deader than Steven
> Segal's career. Up to date load of Panther, no airport.

> I believe these are worth real money so if you have an offer don't
> insult me too bad please.

It's probably not worth "real money" as it'd be tied to a desk, and I
seem to have fairly good luck in rescuing desktop systems of better
spec for free.

He who can does; he who cannot teaches.
							- George Bernard Shaw

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