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Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Sep 19 08:37:56 CDT 2005

>> Current peeve: people who conflate all the different Linux distributions
into "Linux" :p
>Current peeve: people who use made-up words like "conflate". What's that
>supposed to be, a combo of "confuse" and "inflate"? :p

Probably too late, others have already mentioned this I'm sure, but the
word "conflate" (according to the Oxford Unabridged) has been in use in the
English language since at least 1610:

"[f. L. confl{amac}t-, ppl. stem of confl{amac}re to blow together, stir
up, raise, accomplish; also to melt together, melt down (metals); f. con- +
fl{amac}-re to blow: see FLATE.] 

    1. trans. To blow or fuse together; to bring together and make up from
various sources or various elements; to compose, put together; produce,
bring about. Now rare.

1610 P. BARROUGH Meth. Physick V. xxv. (1639) 346 Galen..calleth it a
tumour conflated of a melancholious humour. 1633 T. ADAMS Exp. 2 Peter ii.
1 Thy pestilent and stinking sins have conflated the plague wherewith I
strike thee. 1654 VILVAIN Epit. Ess. I. 38 Our Mother Eve was of his Rib
conflated. 1822 Blackw. Mag. XII. 16 Commentaries conflated for the benefit
of mankind. 1837 CARLYLE Fr. Rev. I. v. i, The States-General, created and
conflated by the passionate effort of the whole Nation."

A dictionary, or a subscription to www.oed.com or its ilk, might be of some
aid to you.

wes will

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