[rescue] Mainframe on eBay

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Fri Sep 16 18:44:11 CDT 2005

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, Sridhar Ayengar wrote:

> $579,000.  Wish I could afford it.  MMMmmmMMMmmmMMM z900 goodness.

$579K?  Ouch.  I mean, that's a heckofa machine, but why not pick up
something far more affordable?  Why, those cute little Sun SMPs... what
are they called?  "E10K" or something like that?

They're going fully-configured for under $10K; heck, someone in .au just
bought one down there with 30 CPUs and 28GB for under $1600 USD.

Sure, a 64-way, 64GB US-II box with a BIN price of $9995 isn't going to
give you that same $579K z900 goodness, but I'm sure most folks here would
find a way to cope with the disappointment.

-- Chris

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