[rescue] old k5 and pentium pro cpus?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Sep 13 16:41:48 CDT 2005

 Francois Dion says ...
> I need a few (a dozen) pentium pro cpus any speed and/or k5
> PR133 to PR200,
> working or not.
> It's for my Water Radio experiment, in the rocket science section at
> http://www.cimastudios.com/fdion/

Accidental radio detectors can be ... fun.

We have a Christian fundamentalist AM radio station here on the island, a
couple of miles away from my house.  One day, during a conference call to my
office back in Ohio, a loose connection in a telephone wire junction box
began detecting the AM station's signal.

It was quite clear.  Not quite as clear as a real radio feed, but at least
as clear as having a radio playing in the background while you're on the
phone.  Only much louder.

It wasn't calm and contemplative Gospel music, either.  It was some
suck-back preacher invoking fire and brimstone and exhorting the faithful to
make larger contributions to the station's operating fund.

Much hilarity ensued, as you can imagine.  The folks in Ohio were making
rude jokes, I'm applying percussive maintenance to various parts of the
phone wiring, the radio signal was snapping and popping as I slapped, etc.
Eventually, I found the right part to hit and got it to stop, but I'm afraid
my claims of ignorance as the the source of the signal were not held in high
regard by my colleagues....


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