[rescue] Clear Origin 200 PROM password?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Fri Sep 9 10:46:44 CDT 2005

Brian Nelson writes ...

> I've just started working on an ebay'd SGI Origin 200 and am stuck
> on the PROM password.


> I know it's possible to clear the password on an Indigo and an Indy
> with jumpers or pulled ICs (been there, done that), but how about an
> Origin 200?

I think you have to boot it from CD, unless it's enough like a Challenge
L/XL to use POD and the "zap" command.  Google "origin NVRAM password" and
"origin PROM password" for some ideas.

> The only IRIX install I currently have total access to is 6.2 on an
> R5K Indy. Without CDs, is it possible to clone that to something the
> Origin could boot from? And from there use nvram tools within IRIX to
> clear the password?

I doubt 6.2 supports the Origin architecture, and, even if it does, the
appropriate files probably wouldn't have been installed on the Indy.

You can probably pick up a non-current version of IRIX off eBAY for cheap,
enough to get the machine running.  Once it's running, you can update it,
patch, etc., with the files on SGI's website.

What part of the country are you in?  Perhaps someone close by can lend you
some disks.


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