[rescue] What disk in an Ultra5

JJ Streicher-Bremer jj at ratisle.net
Fri Sep 9 10:40:33 CDT 2005

Jim and Geoff, thanks for your replies!  I apologize for not finding
this it the archive, I hate asking RTFM questions :)

I don't know what my problems were in the past, but I just got my Ultra5
running FreeBSD booting from a 120 GB drive!

Thanks again for your help!

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> ?
> I have an Ultra5 that I'm going to bring back online.  It has the
> original 8 Gb drive in it right now.  As I recall I was able to
> put another drive on the secondary controller to get more disk space,
> but was never able to boot off of anything but that original 8 Gb
> Since that drive is getting a bit old (and is still on the small side)

> I was wondering what disks I can use to boot from in my ultra5.
> Does anybody know?
> Thanks in advance!
> JJ
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