[rescue] Anybody in Houston interested in an E450?

Atomist rescue at port11.net
Thu Sep 8 20:57:33 CDT 2005

On Sep 8, 2005, at 7:38 PM, Bryan Gurney wrote:

> nice; that means no hunting around for DC converters for adding  
> CPUs.  So
> how much RAM, and how many backplane kits are installed?  I don't  
> know who
> would need to put in 20 SCA drives, but it's nice to picture.

That reminds me after the FM-200 release a month ago in our  
datacenter and a hardshutdown of all servers, we had a E450 that  
would not boot up anymore.

Of course the person who installed the box was not existing anymore  
so they called me for help. Turned out all I had to do is remove all  
20 drives, one by one and blow out the air and reseat the SCA drives.  
Voila that did it. Machine came back up with no problems.

My fingers where hurting too from the snap thingie.

-- Atom

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